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We build software that works.

Nuxify is a leading software development company dedicated to providing innovative solutions to businesses of all sizes.

With a focus on excellence, we offer a wide range of services, solutions, and products, including web and mobile development, blockchain development, consulting, and much more.

Our team of experts are committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients, helping them thrive in the digital age.

Join us on a journey of innovation and growth with Nuxify as your technology partner.


Since 2020, we have been designing and developing the next-generation of web and mobile apps — powered by blockchain technology.

dApps and Blockchain Development

Web Apps and API Development

Mobile Development

Product Design

Cloud and DevOps

Consulting and Advisory


We offer blockchain and GPT-based solutions that can also be customized and tailor-fitted according to your needs and requirements.

Blockchain Managed Services

Tokenizations and

Real-World Assets (RWA)

NFT Collectibles and Certificates

NFC/QR Blockchain Integration

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

GPT-based Chatbots and Integrations


Tech Stack


Sprint-based Approach

A Sprint is simply a fixed period of time where the development team designs, implements, and tests a set of features subject for reviews, iterations, and incremental deployments.

At Nuxify, 1 Sprint is equal to 10 business days.

The number of sprints required for a project is based on its complexity. Small projects typically range from 1-2 sprints, medium projects from 3-4 sprints, and large projects may require more.

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Startup Plan



Per sprint billed at the end

  • 40 hours speed-effort (combined)

  • White-label option

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Per sprint billed at the end

  • 80 hours speed-effort (combined)

  • White-label option

Sprint PLANS

  • Real-time project monitoring via Asana
  • Real-time communication via Slack
  • Daily accomplishment report at EOD
  • No upfront cost, 3-days trial
  • Sprint retainers starts at USD $200/month

Smart Contracts

Let’s talk

One-time payment per contract scope

  • Fungible Contracts (ERC20 Tokens, Staking, Bridges)

  • Non-Fungible Contracts (ERC721/A, ERC1155, SBTs)

  • Custom Contracts (FT/NFT Staking, Private/Public Chains)

  • 100% unit tests coverage

Speaking & Trainings

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One-time payment per scope

  • Speaking-only sessions

  • Blockchain and smart contract development training

  • Backend and DevOps development training

  • Mobile development training

  • UI/UX and Frontend development training



  • Real-time project monitoring via Asana
  • Real-time communication via Slack
  • Daily accomplishment report at EOD

Brands that we have worked with

and many more...



A multi-currency and Bitcoin-enabled payment gateway and gaming platform

A FCA-registered payment gateway platform designed to be integrated for the gaming industry. Using its “sponsorship engine”, it allow users to earn rewards in Bitcoin or supported fiats through competitive battles and quests.

With Nuxify, the entire web platform user interfaces was drastically improved from ground up providing smooth user experience to players. We also built their mobile wallet to manage accounts and payments as well us rewrite or create new modules and services like KYC, payment portal, etc.

Tech: Vue, NodeJS, TypeScript, Go, Docker, Kubernetes, Figma

Industry: Fintech, Gaming, Entertainment, Blockchain

United Kingdom


nft-based car marketplace platform

A pioneer in South Korea to integrate blockchain and AI to the automotive business, this platform allows car dealership, buyers, and sellers to transact and transfer car ownership using NFT technology powered by the Polygon blockchain.

With Nuxify, we designed and built everything from ground up - from smart contracts development to API, web, and mobile development. The smart contract tracks the car ownership and transfers. The web platforms includes the admin, maintenance, and insurance portals that is still managed by smart contracts. The mobile app is for dealerships, buyers and sellers where transactions take place.

Tech: Solidity, HardHat, NuxtJS, SvelteKit, Go, Docker, Flutter, Figma

Industry: Automative, Car Marketplaces. Blockchain, AI

South Korea


A decentralized and instant voting platform powered by Ethereum

Established with anonymity and decentralization as its core, this platform allows registered users to vote for policies and make their intentions and voices reach the government and decision makers in UK. The app was recently used to collect people sentiments about the Grenfell tower decision and later on presented to their housing secretary.

With Nuxify, we helped design the platform all the way to implementation. We developed a smart contract that will track user IDs and votes, API to interface with the smart contract and the web app, and a web application that allow users to login using their blockchain wallets with a simple 6-digit invite code.

Tech: Solidity, HardHat, Hyperledger Besu, NuxtJS, Go, Docker

Industry: Government, NGOs, Blockchain

United Kingdom


End-to-end supply chain management (scm) powered by qr and ETHEREUM

This SCM platform allows scanning, tracking, retrieving trace IDs using the tamper-proof and transparent benefits of the blockchain. It was designed to cater the agri-food business supply chain, tracking freshness levels from farm to markets.

With Nuxify, we helped in designing the platform process flows all the way to execution. We developed a smart contract that track products and their statuses, a comprehensive QR system with inter-QR relationship features for tracking and tracing, a trace explorer web app to trace history of QR IDs, API to interface the smart contract and the client apps, and a mobile app used to scan QR codes for tracking status in real-time.

Tech: Solidity, Hyperledger Besu, SvelteKit, Go, Flutter, Figma

Industry: Supply Chain, Logistics, Blockchain

South Korea


A medical prescription and consultation platform powered by Ethereum

This super-app platform connects medical professionals in hospital/clinical workplaces and pharmacists for prescriptions. It also supports consultation management, documents management, and a patient list and billing sub-application. The platform is powered by a private Ethereum blockchain for tamper-proof records and safekeeping.

With Nuxify, we helped in building almost everything - from setting up private blockchain, smart contracts development for prescriptions and consultations, web development for physician and pharmacist portals, landing website development, and mobile development for the patient list and billing.

Tech: Solidity, Geth, NuxtJS, NodeJS, Go, Python, Docker, Figma

Industry: Healthcare, Blockchain, AI



digital wallet and market arbitrage mobile application powered by tron blockchain

A digital wallet that allows users to deposit stablecoin (USDT) and buy Indian Rupee at high arbitrage prices and transfer between wallets supported under the UPI network and banks.

With Nuxify, we were able to help them in UI/UX design and implement it to a mobile application that can run in both Android and iOS. We also integrated their existing APIs and provide guidance for improvements as well as built their website.

Tech: Flutter, SvelteKit, Figma

Industry: Fintech, Crypto



agri-foods marketplace platform

Inspired by Market Curly, this platform offers rich and fresh agri-food products produced locally and imported overseas. The platform gives you a complete suite of experience - from varieties of different agri-foods categories, to comprehensive rewards and loyalty system, and easy checkout and payments.

With Nuxify, we were able to draft the platform from the scratch - from user process flow designs, API development, admin backoffice web portals, and cross-platform mobile application for the marketplace that can run in both Android and iOS.

Tech: Go, Centrifugo, SvelteKit, Flutter, Figma

Industry: E-commerce, Agriculture, Marketplaces

South Korea


A Multi-Type DAO Platform on Hedera

Built using Hedera technology, this platform offers 3 core DAOs: Entity DAO, Council DAO, and Guild DAO. These are different DAO types that are interconnected for seamless user experience and management. Create C-Corp-like organization with Entity and Legal DAO, vote proposals using Council DAO, and manage memberships using the Guild DAO -- all in one platform.

With Nuxify, we studied and leveraged the new Hedera EVM support. We developed Hedera-compliant smart contracts, API that interfaces with the smart contract and the clients, contract listener to index and listen events, and a dApp that allows user to interact with the contracts using the EVM toolings they love.

Tech: Solidity, Hardhat, Hedera JSON-RPC, Go, NuxtJS, Figma

Industry: DAO, Fintech, deFi, Blockchain



A NFT-based Ticketing Platform on Polygon Blockchain

For a Mastercard-sponsored event, this platform manages ticket sales using NFT technology. It manages to remove ticket scalping, prove ownership of tickets using the blockchain, and allows listing of tickets to other NFT marketplaces (unused) as digital memorabilia or collections.

With Nuxify, we developed the smart contracts for managing tickets, API to interface the smart contract and the client, contract API listeners to index and listen to events, and a web-based dApp to allow users login using blockchain wallet and redeem their tickets.

Tech: Solidity, Hardhat, Go, NuxtJS, EtherJS, Figma

Industry: Ticketing, Events, Blockchain



A Blue-chip Solana PFP NFT by a Famous Japanese Street Wear Icon

A Solana-based, blue-chip tier NFT collection launched in 2022 by a famous Japanese street wear icon. This platform unveils and promotes his artworks and creation and was able to reach thousands of fans and collectors.

With Nuxify, we designed the user process flows and user interface screens, developed the dApp client with most Solana wallets support, NFT explorer to check traits and rarities, and candy machine tooling configurations.

Tech: Solana Candy Machine, ReactJS, NuxtJS, EtherJS, Figma

Industry: Digital Collections, Marketplace, Blockchain



A Blue-chip NFT and GameFi Project on Crypto.com and Cronos

This platform is a mobile NFT-based game powered by the Cronos blockchain. It allows user to purchase or rent NFT characters and play turn-based basketball to earn points. The owned NFTs can also be used to exclusive perks such as pass for events, airdrops, etc.

With Nuxify, we designed the user process flows and user interface screens, smart contracts development, API to interface the blockchain, mobile game app and web portals, developed web-based launch portal to manage collections, merge NFTs, transfer NFTs, etc.

Tech: Solidity, Hardhat, Cronos EVM, Go, NuxtJS, Figma

Industry: GameFi, NFT, Marketplace, Blockchain



An electronic signature and document management platform powered by Ethereum

This platform allows PDF signing verified by the blockchain. Every document can be easily verified via the blockchain explorer and anyone can inspect the transaction. This ensures tamper-proof signed documents and transactions as well as transparency where anyone can verify authenticity without needing a third-party.

With Nuxify, we helped developed the blockchain explorer, smart contracts to track signatures and documents, and API intefacing the contract, main API, and web/mobile client.

Tech: Solidity, Hardhat, Geth, Go, NuxtJS, Web3.JS, Figma

Industry: Document Management, Blockchain

United Kingdom

The Team

A lean team of builders and communicators with years of professional industry experience.

Karl Anthony Baluyot, CCpe

Founder and CEO

Monicar Gayo

Co-founder and CFO

Joses Gabriel Lu

Co-founder and COO

Dan Vincent Arangurin

Engineering/Founding Member

The Team

A lean team of builders and communicators with years of professional industry experience.

Andrei Dan Stangaciu

Blockchain Expert

Joseph CedeÑo


Andrea Ella Remoreras


Angela Kate Funtilon

Sales and Business Development

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NUXIFY INC. OPERATING UNDER THE NAME OF NUXIFY is a company registered in the Philippines with Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) registration no. 2021050014979-22 and a Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) registered company with DUNS no. 659619393.